This is the basic grading rubric for online responses. Each response will be graded on a scale of 1-5 based off the criteria below.

10-9- The response is at least 1-2 well-developed paragraphs and gives a clear detailed answer to the question. No spelling or Grammar errors are present. The response is original, uses text connections and SPECIFIC (CONCRETE) EXAMPLES.

8-7- The response is somewhat detailed, but still uses SPECIFIC (CONCRETE) EXAMPLES. Few spelling or grammar errors are present. It may not make relevant text connections.

6-5- The response merely repeats what someone else has already said and has very little originality. Spelling and grammar errors may be present, there are irrelevant text connections and/or uses little to no SPECIFIC (CONCRETE) EXAMPLES .

4-3- The response is unoriginal and merely repeats what someone has already said. Spelling and grammar errors may be present and there are little or no text connections.

2-1- Little or no effort shown.

0- U Phale.