Examples of Rhetoric

Diction--Word Choice

Repetition--Same recited line, word or phrase

Rule of 3--Emphasizes a point----Click here for some ideas

Irony--Awkward Truth----Think about Alanis Morissette

Hyperbole--Exaggeration---So hungry I could eat a horse---Examples

Satire--Making fun of something that happened-Sarcasm

Metaphor--You are the wind beneath my wings---Examples

Simile--Beautiful as a rose.

Ethos--You should know this ----I told you I didn't make these words up

Pathos--You should know this.

Logos--You should know this.

Rhetorical Questions--Could it be that this is a question that does not need a response?

Alternate Interpretation--Looking at the other side

Allusion--Lead to or refer to---Examples

Sinister Truth--The truth you want to ignore---Article using Sinister Truth